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Curious about what I've done in the SCA?  Looking for information from the classes I've taught?  This is the page for you!

This page is currently a work in progress, but it will eventually contain all of my SCA resume information.  That will include links to any posts I've made with my class materials.

My Awards

Award of Elephant's Heart (2011-03-19)
Award of Arms (2012-02-11, St. Valentine's Day Massacre)
Baronial Fencing Champion (2012-04-28, Barony of Cynnabar)
Defender of the Tower (2013-04-28, Cynnabar Spring Revel)
Right of Free Warren of Rabbits of Northwoods (2013-05-11, Squire's Tourney, from the lovely Dulci and Odo)
Northern Star for A&S (Pennsic Northwoods Court 2013, from Calum): for leatherworking
Order of the Cavendish Knot (2013-11-16, Grand Tourney)
Order of the Salient Hart (2014-01-18, Winter Revel, from the wonderful Zaynab and Logan): A&S award in the Barony of Andelcrag for my garb (for looking like a real person from the middle ages) and also for leatherworking.
Award of the Tower's Foundation (2015-04-12, Barony of Cynnabar)
Baronial Fencing Champion (2015-05-02, Barony of Cynnabar)
Award of the Purple Fret (2015-05-24)
Award of the Dragon's Tooth (Pennsic 2015, for being a loud and effective commander)

A&S Entries

Ale to the Victors 2012 - my first piece of leather tooling and knife sheath for my wolf-knife.
Siege of Talonval 2013 - inkle weaving (I won out of four entries!!! Neat!)
Ale to the Victors 2013 - knife that Galen made, with the sheath I made
Grand Tourney 2013 - inkle weaving (plain warp, contrasting weft)

Rapier Command in the Dragon Army

2012: Cynnabar Unit Commander and one of the Pentamere Regional XOs.  Studied for 3 months under Warder Arnolde Frederickson (until his death).  Ran local melee practices in Cynnabar almost every week that summer.  Participated in melee games at Border War and Baron Wars.

2013: Pentamere XO.  Went to many local Cynnabar armored combat melee practices to learn from those there.  Participated in melee games at Siege of Talonval.  Marshalled and provided critique of melee games at Baron Wars.

2014: Pentamere XO.  Helped Pentamere Regional Commander organize monthly Pentamere melee practices.  Ran small melee games at Cynnabar practices.

2015: Pentamere XO, to Pentamere CO.  Ran small melee games at Cynnabar practices.  Ran a woods battle at Cynnabar Fall Revel.  Organized a class on beginning command considerations.

2016: Pentamere CO.  Ran melee at Val Day; organized a schedule of melee opportunities for Pentamere fighters at several events and regional practices.  Began more formal lance commander training.  Organized Pentamere rapier garb for on the field.

Rapier Marshal

I received my last signature at Val Day 2014 - full marshal status achieved!  I occasionally run Cynnabar group rapier practices.  I help the Cynnabar Group Rapier Marshal with paperwork, including making an up-to-date roster of our rapier fighters.  I run tournaments (mostly of my own design) at local practices, giving inkle weaving as prizes.  I was Marshal-in-Charge-in-Training under Brigida at Pentamere Academy of Defense, 2014, designing several of the tourneys and running several of them.  I ran 7 hours of rapier programming as Marshal in Charge for Grand Day of Tournaments 2015 for 50 fencers, including youth fencing and Cut & Thrust.  Ran melee games at Cynnabar Fall Revel 2015, Val Day 2016, other events.  Organized a weekly schedule for Cynnabar Rapier, September 2015 - Present, including monthly tournaments, monthly classes, and visiting Roaring Wastes practice.  

Pentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby (Largesse Tourney)

I've run a 4D tourney at Pentamere Twelfth Night the last two years, and it's been amazing!  Something like 70 dozen pieces of largesse have been made for various groups in the Midrealm.  See my posts about it to learn more!

Classes Taught

How to Give and Take Commands:  Come learn about commanding by leading others and being led through a footwork maze! Good for people at ALL levels of melee fighting- even those who have never done it! Please come in gear with at least one sword.

I taught this at Pentamere Academy of Defense 2014.  I had two fencers.  I had previously run the exercise at an Ealdnordwuda rapier practice with about six fencers, and that was a much better number of people to run this with.  It was a bit awkward with only two people, though I'm told some learning did occur.  I am more likely to teach this as an impromptu thing at a bigger event or at a practice with more people.

Leather Tooling Basics:  Learn how to bring a simple design to life by tooling it into leather! Class open to all ages who feel comfortable handling a swivel knife (or having an adult help them with that step). Limit 5 for hands-on portion; unlimited for listening and handout. Materials cost: $2 (will get to keep leather, but not tools). Handout: free.

This is being taught at Northwoods Community College 2014.  Click here for my class handout.

Advanced Inkle Weaving Techniques:  Learn at least two pick-up techniques for inkle weaving! Inkle weaving can be so much more than just passing the shuttle back and forth. Knowledge of basic inkle weaving required.

This is being taught at Northwoods Community College 2014.  Click here for my handout on how to do the basketweave/baltic method.  Also useful are the two forms of inkle weaving graph paper: checkerboard graph paper for basketweave pick-up, and staggered graph paper for regular inkle weaves (or warping for pick-up).  For Heather Heroldt's instructions on the stripes form of pick-up, go here.  Also, check out her website - she has more inkle weaving ideas!  More examples of my pick-up weaving can be found under the weaving tag on this blog, or you can start with this post (it includes more examples than my class notes).  

Tanning a Deer Hide (Alum Tawing):  Drop in between 2-4 pm for any length of time to help me stretch the deer hide I just finished tanning, and learn how to tan a hide at home with a process called alum tawing. The last step is playing tug-of-war with the hide to stretch it as finishes drying. For all ages!
This is being taught at Northwoods Community College 2014.  Here is my handout from the class.  For more information on my tanning process (with lots of pictures!), start with Tanning a Deer Hide: Part 1.  

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