Special Holiday Season Shop Discounts

I'm going to do something fun for this holiday season!  There are going to be a series of discounts available in the shop, on everything in the shop, through the end of December, starting on Black Friday.

What discounts, do you ask?  These ones!

For Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, (...poor-lonely-without-a-name-that-I-know-about) Sunday, and Cyber Monday, all contents of the shop will be 20% off.  That's this Friday, November 24th, through Monday, November 27th.  20% off the larger items is a lot of money off, by the way.  Plus, it's my 30th birthday this week, so it'll be a fun birthday present to me (along with an amazing holiday gift for you or your loved one) if you buy something.  =D

Then, as we go into my favorite season (I adore winter - there are reasons I make gorgeous fur-lined hoods for winter, because it's the most beautiful season with sparkling snow everywhere and it deserves deliciously warm pretty and unique accessories), there will still be a discount running from November 28th to December 4th: 10% off everything in the shop.

Haven't made up your mind yet on what to get your loved ones for the mid-winter holidays?  Buy them something for 20% off from December 5th to December 15th!  This gives me enough time to make sure the item gets in the mail and shipped to you for most of the mid-winter holidays that you might celebrate.

Then, if you couldn't make your mind up earlier but still want to sneak something awesome in to your 2017 budget, the week of Boxing Day (December 26th to December 31st) will have another 10% off sale.

If you order something that will be custom-made, I will work with you to add you to my schedule of making custom-made items.  You most likely won't receive the item by the holidays (unless it's really small), but I will give you a 1-2 month window and make you a fun card outlining the custom order, if you want to purchase the custom order and give your loved one the ability to choose the options.  Regardless of the timeline for completing the item, if you talk to me and order it within the timeline of the sales, I will apply that discount to your custom order's cost.

If you're wondering why it would take a while to make an item, here are some reasons:

All the items pictured here are currently in my shop

Let me know if you have any questions!

Anyone have any fun holiday plans?  I'm looking forward to seeing my parents and celebrating with my boyfriend's family for the first time.  Should be a good time!

~Kell, aka Birke die Jaegerin

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