Long time, no see!

Hi, world!

I've been super scarce since November due to things like:
- going to the gym more!  Hooray!
- learning how to be more of a political activist
- having a health issue pop up that messed up my sleep for three months
- job hunting, as the grant funding for my science job was running out

Now I might continue to be scarce for the next few months, as I adjust to starting my new job next Monday.  I'm going to be a full time Lab Manager!  I have no idea how well or quickly I'll be able to adjust to this, and the need for political activism isn't going away anytime soon, so posts here will continue to be sporadic for the foreseeable future.  Someday I imagine I'll get back to it.  I have pictures of lots of projects saved up to share!

My Etsy shop will continue to run, though, so feel free to drop in and say hi and tell your friends about it!  And I am always interested in hearing about custom leather commissions to make, and will make time if you have a project you want me to make for you around my day job.

Have some adorable pictures of my fur babies to tide you over.  I love this critters so much!

Happy spring, everyone!  Michigan has been filled with beautiful sunshine and warm (but not too warm or humid!) weather this past week and has been pretty much perfect.  My garden is mostly planted!  What have you been working on?  What are you excited about?