U-Con Gaming Convention this weekend!

Is anyone else excited for U-Con?  Because I am!  I'll have a booth all weekend, Friday to Sunday, in the Exhibitor hall - come say hi!  I'll have more than twice the merchandise as is currently in the Etsy shop, as well as a look book going over custom commission ideas that I'd love to talk with you about!  Not only would you be buying a unique hand-made leather item, made with quality materials and years of learned skill, you'd also be helping to support a local independent artist (me!).  All proceeds go directly into the business and helping me keep a roof over my head and making more awesome leatherwork. 

Speaking of the Etsy shop - it's been put in Vacation Mode for the weekend, so I won't accidentally have in person sales of something someone is trying to buy online.  It'll go back online soon after the convention, after I finish going over the revised inventory list.

See you tomorrow!

Level 8 Craftling, Owner and Artist

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