Pentamere Largesse Tourney 2 Approaches!

There's just about one month left for making items for the Pentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby, aka the Pentamere Largesse Tourney!  The tourney is at Pentamere 12th Night, on January 9th.

The 4D is a great way to have fun making items for donation while also getting accolades for displaying your pieces at an event and winning prizes!! Yes, some of the largesse you create will be directly used as prizes in the competition itself, to encourage the creation of more awesome largesse, most of which goes on to the group of your choosing.

Before I get into a recap of the rules and some of the other prizes, here's one of them already made: a gorgeous Midrealm bag made by Laurensa Silverlock!  This is one of the Over the Top prizes.

Here's a recap of the rules and prizes!

To Enter: Create 12 items based on a theme, which can be anything, from 'stuff I made on Monday nights' to '13th Century Germanic Ladies Accessories.' The primary rule of entries is that the items must be tagged (your name/group, donating to…) and ready to be given out as largesse immediately.* This is not an A&S competition – no documentation necessary! Each entrant will decide where they are donating the largesse (Kingdom, Barony, Shire, etc).

*There were a lot of questions about tagging your items last year. My understanding is this is not commonly done in the Midrealm, but is in many other Kingdoms. I encourage you to add a small tag to each of your items, with your name and local group on it, so that those who eventually get your items can know where they came from. Sometimes Kingdom largesse is given to other Kingdoms, and it is often desired to know who made the items.

Dragon embroidery
Prizes: (Must be present - or have a delegate present - to win)

1. Prize Cache: 1 item from each dozen will go into a prize cache, and each entrant will get to choose 1 item at the end of the tourney! I will draw names from a hat to determine the order in which people choose their item. So you will take something home with you, just for entering!

2. Populace Winner: Entries are voted on in a bean count, and the winner is the entrant with the most beans. The populace winner gets 1 item from each of the other competitors!

3. Baron(ess)/Baron(ess) (and Royal) Choice: Each pair will also get to pick a winner. Those winners get to choose 1 item from 3 other entries.

4. Over the Top Award: For anyone who does 6 solo entries (that’s 72 items!), you will receive a commission from a volunteer prize maker!

Inside the bag
Close up of beautiful lining
Over the Top Awards:
Want to make an Over the Top Award?  Let me know!  Over the Top Awards can be a description of a commission to be made later at the winner's discretion, or a pre-made really cool item! With pre-made items, I need to have it before the event and I need to know what to do with the item should no one choose it as their prize (returned to maker or donated as largesse). For example, last year there were 2 OTT Award winners, and 4 offered commissions as prizes, so only 2 of the prizes got used. The choices are wonderful, though, and I thank each and every person who donates an OTT Award prize, regardless of whether it gets used.

Ideas: Intimidated by the idea of creating 12 of something? Grab 11 other people and do a group entry! Can't think of something to make? Speak to Royals or your Baron(ess) about what they’d like for largesse! Check out these Facebook pages for inspiration! Also, here is the synopsis (with photos of entries) from last year.

Host: Lady Birke die Jägerin

I can't wait to see what everyone has made!


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