Saturday, August 22, 2015

Exciting Update

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I started a new job, woohoo!

I started a position as a Research Associate I in a university research lab last week, studying the effects of air pollution on cardiovascular health.  I'm pretty excited!  I think I'm going to be super useful there, and I get to be involved in research, organization, and mentoring again.  :)

Blogging will be slow for the foreseeable future, as I adjust to working in a lab.  I will continue doing leatherworking in the long run, though it will likely be a few months before I really dig into it again (with the adjusting and all).  

Upcoming projects:
  • I just got a new fascinating commission, to make a way for an SCA spear fighter to carry a heavy weapons axe on the battlefield that's also easy for him to draw in close quarters. It's going to be an engineering challenge, building that!  So that's on the docket to tinker with in the upcoming few months.
  • I learned today why the soles on my leather shoes weren't working the way I wanted them to. I will be figuring out how to procure the right materials to move forward with correctly re-soling my shoes.  Once that happens, I'll post about it and update my old re-soling posts with the information I've learned, so others who are interested in delving into shoe making will learn from my mistakes.  =D
  • I have some really pretty pictures of the custom commissioned tooled phone case I made this summer, so those will get posted at some point.
  • I'm slowly putting together a crocheted blanket pattern for Happy Fuzzy Yarn, the yarn store I worked at until earlier this month.  They make truly beautiful yarn - check them out!  If you need more information, I can hook you up.
I'm not permanently disappearing, don't worry!

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