Thursday, March 5, 2015

Inkle Weaves

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This post is all a bunch of random photos of inkle weaves I have made!  Above is some of the Midrealm trim that I donated as largesse in January.

A few years ago, I laid out my current stash of weaving on a blanket to take some photos of it (my photography skills have improved since then).  I still have a few of these weaves in my bag o' weaving prizes, but a lot of them have been given away by now.  I'll take some updated pictures of the stash soon so people can see how it's evolving!

The top four weaves below are pick-up weaves, and the rest are regular inkle weaving.

The top purple and white is a pick-up method using stripes.  It's neat, and I've seen a lot of people do amazing things with it.  I'll craft a post explaining some of the techniques with it at some point, but this is the only stripes pick-up weave I've done - my brain just likes making patterns with checkerboard/baltic pick-up weaving better.

Then we have a pseudo-celtic weave, a weave based on the Midrealm award the Dragon's Heart, and a weave with Viking runes.

The Viking-esque pick-up weave has two Viking dragons at the ends, facing outwards.  The runes spell out "Draco Invictus," the motto of the Midrealm of the SCA, the kingdom I reside in.  I find it amusing that I'm spelling a Latin phrase with Viking runes, heehee.  There's also the Viking valknut (triple-connected triangle) symbol in the middle.  I no longer have this weave - my friend Kata liked it so much that I gifted it to her.  :)

My weave with the Purple Fret award symbol on my loom!

Finally, a picture of some Cynnabar-themed weaves that I donated to the prize cache at Grand Day of Tournaments a couple years ago.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of weaving!  Any requests on posts to do about weaving? Questions? Thoughts? Random musings? Cookies? (Maybe I should eat lunch - that last one shouldn't be in here...) ~Kell


  1. Found this while looking for an inkle loom pattern for a dragon. I'm making a belt which has the celtic knot pattern in it. But really wanted the start & end to be dragon heads. Have you published your dragon head pattern? If not would you be prepared to share it?

    1. I haven't published it, but I do believe I have it squirreled away in my inkle weaving binder at home. I'll try to remember to share it sometime! If I haven't, feel free to ping me in a week or two, and hopefully the reminder will spur me to do so.

  2. Just the reminder about the dragon head pattern. Not had much time this month but should be able to get going on it soon.

    1. Here it is! Thank you for your patience, and I apologize that it took me so long to dig out the pattern and digitize it. I'd love to see what you make when you're done!



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