Custom Guitar Straps

I made two custom guitar straps last week!  Ever have that most beloved piece of equipment that is falling apart, and you just can't find the suitable replacement?  Having it custom made will solve that problem.

Bill's favorite guitar strap was perfect: the curve fit over his shoulder and around his body at just the right angle, unlike straight guitar straps.  

The guitar-pick holder wasn't something he ever used, so I left that off the design.  The rest, though, was re-created to match the original in shape and function.

Every bit was hand cut, crafted, and polished by me in my studio.

Have a beloved leather item in need of repair or replacement?  I can make it!  I can even incorporate parts of the original piece into the new item, so that the magic stays with it.  I love making one-of-a-kind pieces by putting patches and bits together.  Contact me with any questions or suggestions!  ~Kell

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