Project 365: Days 1 - 7

One of my favorite bloggers, Kaylah of The Dainty Squid, challenged herself to take a photo every day of the year last year.  She called it Project 365.  Now she's challenging others to do so, too.  It sounds fun, so I'm going to try and do this.  :)  Here's my first week!


1:365 I installed a shelf just for candles next to the bed.  I'm happy to report that the cats have shown no interest in jumping on it, which I was somewhat worried about.  And I rather like the "candlelight" setting on my camera - very pretty!
2:365 Gnome found her way onto my lap while I was writing more blog posts
3:365 The largesse tourney was a huge success!
4:365  My 12th Night gifts that I received!  A pin cushion/thread holder from Zaynab, cedar scented soft soap from Odo and Dulci, a beaded dragon from Aalis, honey from Grey, ginger applesauce from Estelle and Jean Yves, a beeswax pinecone firestarter from Genoveva and Gregor, homemade caramel from Heilve, an ornament from Sunnifa's friend (?), and the 12th Night site token, a very nice bookmark.
5:365 Gnome inspecting my projects as I take photos
6:365 Library books to read
7:365 Walking in the beautiful woods near my home
I brushed the snow off this log to set my camera on it, and there was a gorgeous surface of ice covering it, and frozen mushrooms!
Playing with the self timer on my camera
Cool bottom of a tree

That's the first week!  Hopefully I keep it up.  This is fun, and I'm learning more about my camera already.  ~Kell

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