Commission: Strong Cynnabar Heels

I recently repaired the new Baron of Cynnabar's shoes!  I patched the large hole in the heel you can see in the upper left photo, then reinforced the heels with strong leather patches to keep the shoes from sagging.  Finally, I did a little test painting to cover up a couple scuff marks.

You can see that these are much beloved shoes - they are well worn and sagging from use.  I gave them a new and longer lifespan by adding a pair of strong Cynnabar heels (Cynnabar colors are red, black, and white).

Reinforced with two lines of stitching, these heels will stand strong for much longer now.

Look closely at the photo below.  See any scuff marks in the center?

To compare, that area used to look like the toe of the shoe - brown and scuffed.  I repainted it to match the original color of the shoe.

I do custom leatherworking and repairs!  Let me know if you have any work you'd like done.

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