Largesse Tourney Weaving

A lot of the weaving I have been doing lately is for the largesse tourney being run at Pentamere Twelfth Night (January 3rd), the Pentamere Dirty Dozen Donation Derby.  The tourney, which consists of making sets of 12 items, will donate lots of needed largesse to the Midrealm and the local groups of Pentamere (the Baronies, Cantons, Shires, etc).  

I am making two sets of inkle weaving: one based on the Midrealm pale (white with a red stripe) and one based on the Barony of Cynnabar (red, white, and black).

I have been playing with beaded inkle weaving, tubular inkle weaving, and a little bit of pick-up inkle weaving.  Below is a simple baltic pick-up weaving of the Cynnabar tower.

For those not familiar with the term "largesse," in the SCA we use it to mean items that people make that they donate to their Kingdom or local group.  Those groups then use those items as prizes or gifts in tournaments, for people who have done them favors, for people who have won awards, to give out to children who come to big events, and so on.  It's a really wonderful system in many ways!

This tourney is a wonderful way to give back to your local group or to Kingdom, while also having fun seeing what other people have made, get a little recognition for your work by displaying it at 12th Night before it's donated, and perhaps win some prizes!  There is a Facebook Group for this event, where you can post progress, ideas, and encouragement for others.

There are two ways to help with the tourney: making sets of 12 items to donate as largesse, or donating a commission to help with the Over the Top Award.

To enter with a set, create 12 items based on a theme, which can be anything, from 'stuff I made on Monday nights' to '13th Century Germanic Ladies Accessories.' The primary rule of entries is that the items must be tagged (Made by ___, donated to ___ [or similar]) and ready to be given out as largesse immediately. This is not an A&S competition – no documentation necessary! Each entrant will decide where they are donating the largesse (Kingdom, Barony, Shire, etc).  You can even make a group entry with others, so it doesn't have to be made all by yourself!

  1. Populace Winner: Entries are voted on in a bean count, and the winner is the entrant with the most beans. The populace winner gets one item from each of the other competitors!  (In an SCA "bean count," all people at an event are given 3 beans to drop into the cups near each entry as votes of what they like the best.)
  2. Baron(ess)/Baron(ess) Choice: Each pair will also get to pick a winner. Those winners get to choose 1 item from 3 other entries.  (And if Kingdom shows up to our event, the Royalty will get to choose winners also.)
  3. Over the Top Award: For anyone who does 6 solo entries (that’s 72 items!), you will receive a commission from a volunteer prize maker!

I still need people willing to make an Over the Top Award.  If you have a particular talent, please let me know!  You can stipulate exactly what the parameters are.  I would love to have a handful of OTT Awards, so that those people that get them (and I believe I know of at least two people who might be donating the full 72 items to do so) will have a choice of which OTT commission they would like.  

I will be donating an OTT Award myself: a commission for a custom inkle woven project. My parameters include the width (I prefer weaving items of max width ~1.5"), length (my loom does about 8.5'), and materials (I will purchase affordable crochet cotton; otherwise the yarn needs to be provided by the winner).

If you have something you like to do that can be custom made (Peg People are already volunteered, or things like leatherworking, woodworking, weaving, spice-making, painting, banner making, feast gear making, garb making... the list is endless in the SCA!), please let me know before 12th Night!

Thank you!  I'm excited to see what everyone has made to give back to this wonderful society we live in.  ~Lady Birke die Jägerin

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