Baby Doll Basket

I made my toddler friend Snow a baby doll basket last year!  I was inspired by Dana at Dana Made It.  She posted a picture of a baby doll basket, and I was so inspired by that picture that I figured out how to make one.  She then came out with a pattern for it!  Dana is an incredibly talented blogger and sewer, and you should check out her site for lots of amazing tutorials, videos, and photos.

I originally was going to post a lot of photos of how I made this.  Now that Dana has a pattern for it, I'm only going to post the funny cat photos of the progress (there are a lot of those!).  Dana deserves to retain the credit for this cute design.

Both of my cats (but especially Gnome) thought that I was making them a great new cat bed. These photos still make me giggle - Gnome kept getting in the way during every single step of this project.

Oh look, Mom's stepped away for a moment again...

This is for me, yes?

Hey, hey!  I contrast so beautifully with the felt lining this.  I think it's for me, not my sister.

All done!  And cat-free (for a moment).

I made a little ruffled blanket and a tiny pillow.

Aha!  Wrapping paper!  It is truly mine now - both a comfy box and paper that crinkles when I touch it - it is clearly made for cats!

Sadly, Gnome was wrong.  She got booted out before the wrapping finished.  :)  ~Kell

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