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There's an amusing game going around Facebook right now, where people name five things they like starting with a letter of the alphabet (assigned by someone else who's already poster their five things). I got assigned the letter O by my friend Esty. I am notoriously bad at games like this (I once couldn't come up with a single person in the bible whose name started with J). Struggling with this, I broke out my dictionary and had a lot of fun with this challenge.

Five things I like that start with O: (Really, O? Wtf? Now to try and make this PG...)

1. Oranges
2. Orange chocolate (so delicious)
3. Orange (the color) - especially as it relates to Halloween. Black and orange together are fun!

*breaks out the dictionary* (My mind is blanking beyond orangutans and opossums, which I don't really care about... I'm really bad at Scattergories, by the way.)

4. Oaks! In that I like trees in general.

(Don't really like oatmeal... heh, that word is not PG... objection! I object to this letter! ... oblique makes me think of triangles, which are pretty neat - I do love geometry... obsolescent is a fun word... aha!)

5. Ocarina of Time - I still have my N64, and I will replay this game every couple years. I've never actually finished it, though, as I always get 3/4 of the way through, get distracted, and then don't play for a year or two. By then I've forgotten so much of it that I start over.

I haven't held a dictionary in a while. This is kind of fun. I am continuing to look up "o" words. (Occult... no; oceans... eh, too salty, though snorkling in them near reefs and stingrays is fun.)

6. Ocelots! In that they are big cats (which are generally awesome, except for lions, which are boring - that mane breaks up the sleekness of them), and that they are also in Minecraft. They keep the Creepers out of my bases!

7. October! Because the leaves are changing colors, the air is nice and chilly, sometimes there is snow (more so when I lived in Minnesota), Halloween, and because it's not too far from my birthday.

Woah. The "Independent Order of Oddfellows" - a "secret social and benevolent society... which originated in various clubs formed in England in the 18th century... which is made up of local lodges." Weird.

8. Oddities! This includes me and the vast majority of my friends and hobbies. 

Hey, strange - there's an oe single vowel like the ae single vowel. I didn't know that.

9. Onyx - yay, rocks! The rocks and minerals exhibit in the Natural History Museum in DC is one of my favorite places.

10. Otters! Adorable and intelligent - they use tools! Also Seregil's animal form in the Nightrunner series (my favorite books), if I remember correctly. I would be happy to be an otter as an Animagus, though I can think of other forms that would be even more fun.

11. Overcast days. I love them. The sun hurts my eyes (why I will almost always be wearing a hat or hood outside). Overcast days can be really beautiful.

12. Oxygen. I like breathing and living.

13. Oyez/Oyes - ah, SCA heralds. I love the SCA.

14. The ozone layer, letting us live on this wonderful planet without getting fried by the sun. I hope we make more strides to combat climate change soon, so we can continue to live here for centuries and millennia to come.

And that was a fun trip through the O section of my dictionary! Leave a comment asking for a letter if you want to list 5 things you like starting with that letter.  I won't assign you a letter if you don't ask - I don't like trapping people!  Feel free to answer your 5 things here, or bring it to your own blog and link to it.  No reason why this game should be confined to FB!  ~Kell

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