Links Day!

I've been catching up on all the blog posts I've missed while off the grid at Pennsic.  When I came across Cation Designs's post on her My Neighbor Totoro shirt, I knew it was time to do another links day.

She also has a recent post on re-making a baby bouncer in a Totoro!  Go check out her blog - she's a high school science teacher, and many of her posts are either nerd-related or science-related.  I love reading everything she writes!

For those who think current baby-naming practices are really weird, this article will help you realize that names, too, are just trends that repeat with time.  Even the weird nature names (which I love) and the last-name-as-first-names - they have both been repeated in the past, even stranger than in the present.

This necklace hanger is made from simple materials from Lowe's - here is a tutorial!

Make sure you make your own Don't Panic bag out of a towel before you hitchhike across the galaxy!

Click here to read a funny list of "You Know You're in the SCA When..."

This fox scarf is adorable!  There's a tutorial and free pattern at Prudent Baby.

Bizarre and vulgar illustrations from illuminated medieval manuscripts.  Every time I see something like this, it makes me giggle.

Learn how to make quick, simple rope bowls with this tutorial!

Hope those were enjoyable!  See you Thursday.  :)  ~Kell