Heart Patch Shoe Repair

In May I repaired this pair of shoes!  There was a tiny hole in the top of one of the shoes, and one of the buckle straps had broken.

Patches don't need to be boring!  I added a patch in the shape of a heart.  It looks like it was deliberately made with the original shoes.  If anyone would like me to repair shoes or other leather gear, I will happily apply creative patches to not only repair your items, but upgrade them!

The bottom of the two buckles had a broken strap.  I replaced the strap with new leather.  I also re-glued the straps on the inside of the shoe, because all of them were peeling.

Contact me if you would like any leatherworking done!  Anyone else have examples of when they've repaired something in a creative manner?  I find that repairing things can often elevate them to a new level.  ~Kell

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