Cake Decorating

One of my fantastic friends just got her PhD in anthropology after many grueling years of work.  To celebrate, another friend made her a personal cake for her graduation party.  I helped to decorate it!  It was my first time working with fondant, and it was a lot of fun.  Also, I don't know what everyone is talking about when they say fondant tastes icky - I thought it was pretty delicious.  :)

Above is her SCA heraldry, as depicted on her round fencing shield.

Her SCA name!  Her persona is Japanese, and she knows a ton about Heian Japan and Japanese braiding.  If you're ever interested in Kumihimo, I can hook you up with teachers.

Her PhD work took her to both Mexico and Canada, and we tried to put elements of both those places on the cake.  Above is the classic "Eh?" Canadian phrase, heehee.  Below is a Day-of-the-Dead style Kaylee, from Firefly, with her rainbow swirl umbrella.  And a Triforce, of course.

It's hard to tell from this angle, but the blue piece in the picture below is an outline of Serenity (also from Firefly).

Yay cake!  ~Kell

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