Current Projects

There are so many projects happening right now!  This is almost always the case, so I'm not sure why I'm remarking on it.  Maybe because some of them are so different and/or bigger than usual.

The biggest thing I've been obsessing over making the last couple weeks has been a new storage case for Dominion cards.  The photo above is part of it - approximately the 7th or 8th prototype of this storage case.  It takes a lot of trial and error and designing to make a storage case that has pockets just the right size so the cards won't fall out if it's tipped upside down, and also one where the lines all match up beautifully.  I'm so thrilled with how this is coming along!  It's probably about half done now.  I can't wait until it's finished.  I'm contemplating offering them for sale - because of all the labor and materials in them, it will cost several hundred dollars.  I don't know of any storage systems that are as versatile as this one, so it's definitely worth the money.  I'm even building extra space into it, in case there's an extra expansion or you want to design your own Kingdom cards.  It has pockets sized for the rule books, and for all the mats, and will have a lot of flexibility in the design of how you want to lay the cards out.  Thoughts?

Speaking of offering things for sale... that means that I should get my butt in gear on the legal side of things, if I'm growing big enough to be getting commissions from more than just my friends.  I've made an account on Michigan One Stop, to figure out all I need to do to register myself as a business.  This is both incredibly exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Woo!  Finishing that research and registration is on my to-do list.

Other things that are on the to-do list to make myself into a business:

That's just off the top of my head.  And all of that is just about getting my leatherworking/crafting business going - none of that has to do with maybe starting to do consulting with engineering and science work, like everyone at Penguicon was telling me I should be doing... aaaaaaaaah!  So many things!  Again with the terror and excitement by turns!

Here's some photos of another couple house projects.  On the left is a dirty range hood that I picked up at the Ann Arbor ReStore for $10.  It's going to be made into a fume hood!  I want to be able to use barge cement and leather pyrography without upping my risk of cancer in a few decades, so I'm building a fume hood.

The second photo is the last uncovered litter box in my home.  The other two have been made into awesome litter box furniture that hides the box and severely cuts down on the spread of litter in my home.  As you can see from all the litter coating those rugs near this litter box, this one needs to be taken care of badly.  The yellow rug used to have a papasan chair on it, which has been moved so that I can have space to make a new litter box (and another floor to ceiling bookcase!!!!).  Also, this last one is in my bedroom.  I'm tired of brushing bits of litter off my bed every couple days so it doesn't feel like I'm lying in sand.  So this is definitely on the to-do list!

There are many other projects also happening.  I'm working on a custom leather sword belt spreader for a friend (to hold the buckles open on his sword belt - kind of a truncated sword sheath).  I'm figuring out if I can make comfy sports-bra-like bras from old tshirts and fold-over elastic.  There's always a pile of mending.  I've learned a couple new weaving techniques, like weaving with beads.  And more projects are on the project shelf that I'm not even thinking of right now.

So many projects, always!  Yay!  What's on your project shelf?  Have you ever started a craft business and have other things I should add to my to-do list?  Ideas for what you would want in a Dominion storage case?  Let me know!  ~Kell

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