North Woods Community College is this weekend!!!

Hey, all -

Have you ever wanted to learn cool crafts from enthusiastic people for practically no investment?  Things like leatherworking, or weaving, or all the food you can make from milk, or blacksmithing, or how to make a medieval German apron dress?  (The list of possibilities is endless.)  You should join the SCA!  The Society for Creative Anachronism is an amazing nonprofit organization that's kind of like the Renaissance Festival, but better, because you're not performing but actively participating.  Part of this participation is taking all the amazing classes that other people teach for free (sometimes with a small fee to cover materials and handouts, but that's it).

This weekend (in two days!!!!) I am teaching at one such event, called the North Woods Community College (the name is a play off of another type of event in our Kingdom, called the Royal University of the Midrealm).  I am teaching three classes there, and you should come check it out!  Even if my particular classes don't interest you, here's the class schedule so you can check out something else!

My classes:

Leather Tooling Basics
1-2 pm

Learn how to bring a simple design to life by tooling it into leather! Class open to all ages who feel comfortable handling a swivel knife (or having an adult help them with that step). Limit 5 for hands-on portion; unlimited for listening and handout. Materials cost: $2 (will get to keep leather, but not tools). Handout: free

Tanning a Deer Hide (Alum Tawing)
2-4 pm (open drop-in session)

Drop in between 2-4 pm for any length of time to help me stretch the deer hide I just finished tanning, and learn how to tan a hide at home with a process called alum tawing. The last step is playing tug-of-war with the hide to stretch it as finishes drying. For all ages!

Advanced Inkle Weaving Techniques
4-5 pm

Learn at least two pick-up techniques for inkle weaving! Inkle weaving can be so much more than just passing the shuttle back and forth. Knowledge of basic inkle weaving required. 10 handouts; unlimited listening. Handout cost: $2

My plan is to post more comprehensively about these classes over the next couple weeks - I want this to be an open resource for people who have taken my classes (and anybody else!) to come back to for information.  I am both excited and nervous about teaching (it's my first time teaching SCA classes, except for a hands-on fencing class I did in February.  Ah!).  Hope to see everyone on Saturday!  Come learn cool things and help me stretch my hide - I can't do it by myself!  ~Birke

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