Blog Layout Updating

My blog is quite ugly at the moment, and has been for a long time (since I gave up wrestling with the templates sometime a year or two ago).  I have slowly been working towards fixing this.  

Over the past couple months, I've re-learned basic HTML and CSS through a website called Codecademy ("Code Academy").  This past week, I started learning how Blogger's XML script is written (feels like learning another entire coding language to this novice, which in a way it kind of is).  

I've already started to tweak some visual elements on the site, and this is only going to continue happening!  This blog needs a huge makeover, as I want it to be a website I'm proud to show off to people interested in my leatherworking, and to use as a resource for SCA stuff (now that I'm teaching classes and people might be interested in the information I'm offering).  My hope is that this site will look awesomely nerdy and professional in the not-so-distant future.

So if the blog layout/look starts to fluxuate wildly, you know why.  :)