The Scrap Box and Fiber Expo

Last week I went to The Scrap Box in Ann Arbor, and I get it now.  I've had a lot of people tell me how awesome this place was, and it's totally that awesome.  If you're a crafter (or if you have kids who like craft projects), you need to go visit this place.  I should've taken pictures when I was in the store, so I could show off all the neat things this place has.  It's full of all sorts of craft supplies, and they are all really, really cheap.  Here's the pictures of my loot!

I got a bunch of sheets of plastic mesh, because it's good for stiffening the sides of fabric bags, and I need to make a bag for my loom.  I recently used it to make a basket for Snow's (a 16 month old) dolls - I'll post pictures soon.  When I bought these sheets from JoAnn's for that project, the sheets cost me ~$6-7 for 4 or 5 sheets, if I remember correctly.  At The Scrap Box, they were a quarter each.

I also got five sets of knitting needles, as a friend of mine runs a knitting club at her school, and always wants more needles to give the students.  They were $1 each.

There were also a ton of wooden buttons!  I paid good money for wooden buttons that are similar to the large stained ones below for my steampunk breeches (which I also have pictures of and need to post...).  These were $2 for each bag.  :)  So awesome!

They had a bunch of sample tiles of varying thicknesses.  These ones are about 4 inches to a side, and about a centimeter thick.  I bought them with the hope that they will hold up the pounding of leather tooling (where you impress patterns into leather by hammering on them with special tools).  If they work, they will be wonderful for teaching a class on leather tooling in the SCA.  They were $1 each.  If they don't work, The Scrap Box also had five bigger slabs, which were about an inch thick and maybe 6 inches long and wide for $2 each, and I will go back and buy those (if they're still there).  Those slabs were much, much heavier, though, and I'm hoping these sample tiles work!

And then for my big haul - a lot of leather!!!!  These are all nice size pieces of leather.  I got twelve pieces for $15 - anywhere else, this much leather would have cost at least three times that much.  At least.  Two of them are red, which is always helpful as my barony's colors are red, white, and black.  These aren't initially my favorite kind of leather scraps, which usually involve the edge pieces (I like the raw look to the edges), but a lot of them are really nice thick black leather that would be really good for making shoes.  As I'm looking to get into making shoes at some point, I grabbed them all up.  This kind of thick leather is often expensive when I can find it, so it's pretty exciting.  $15!!!  Jeez.  So cheap.  I will definitely be checking back here periodically for more special finds like this one...

A couple weeks ago I also stopped by the Fiber Expo, which is one of several yearly fairs that revolve around all things fiber-related.  I was originally looking to buy another loom, but none of the merchants had the one I wanted.  Instead, I stumbled across some beautiful sheepskins.  As I was petting them, the shop owner mentioned that one of them was for a really good price as it has a worn spot in the middle of it.  My friends who were with me were complete enablers, and I went for it.  This beauty is now sitting in the hallway in front of my bathroom.

It's so luxurious.  You can't really see the worn spot in it, but it's in there - probably about the size of one of my cats curled up.  But the rest of it is so wonderful that I don't care.  I love walking on it with my bare feet, and I even occasionally will curl up on it on the floor myself.  Surprisingly, my cats don't appear to like it.  They love the other sheepskins in the house, which are really short (they are just kind of fuzzy, with no long hairs coming off).  This one, though, they tried for a bit, and now they even walk around it on the edge of the hallway to reach the bathroom.  I did manage to snap a quick picture of Kobold after I set him on it before he bounded away, though.  ~Kel