Nerdy links day!

It's been really fun the last couple weeks, starting to save all the cool things I find on the internet in order to share them here (and not on just random posts on Facebook, though to some of my friends there these will be repeats).  I've started to save enough links to start to divvy them up by topics, so some links days might have themes!  Today's links are all to things I find awesome in a nerdy or intellectual way.  :)

The first link is to this great video that shows the science of motion beautifully.  It is posted by the Facebook group Beautiful Engineering.  It's under two minutes long, and I promise you it will mesmerize you after the first 25 seconds (which are needed to show the set-up).

For my weaving and/or historical friends - here's a post about an extant piece of tablet weaving from 13th or 14th century Estonia!  Actually, now that I'm looking around the site more, I might just need to keep reading other posts, too...

Ever wanted to know what a man's face looks like in 457 mph wind?  Well, now you can!  "Test conducted in 1946 where a human subject was exposed to blasts of air. The test was performed at NASA Langley Research Center's 8 ft High Speed Tunnel."  

I found this video from a fantastic website by Randall Monroe, the creator of the XKCD webcomic ("a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language").  The website is called What If?, and every Tuesday he answers a question from his readers about a random topic in the most scientific way possible, going through his thought process along the way.  I love reading it.  This particular video was linked to from the question "If winds reached 500 mph, would it pick up a human?"  His answer is thorough and amusing, as always.  I strongly recommend this site - though possibly not when you have a hard deadline coming up soon, because it will suck you in for a few hours.  :)

Heeheehee... this next one just makes me giggle.  You can now Rickroll someone in Klingon.

People who have toddlers in their lives and love to play D&D!  This dad made up a way to DM with your toddler.  I love this article.  It sounds like tons of fun.

This next article just blows my mind.  There are languages that exist that don't have concepts for numbers.  What??  It's just so interesting!  Go read and have your mind blown.  

This tumbler site also makes me laugh.  It's entirely about people in movies/TV/etc that don't know how to pipette correctly.  Scientist friends of mine - oh, go check out thatsnothowyoupipette for lots of laughter.  Also, if anyone is interested who doesn't know how to pipette, I will gladly point out what people are doing wrong.  Heehee.

Michigan now has a Dark Sky Park!!  How neat!  I wonder if I'll get my butt in gear to go see this sometime.  You know, like how I got my butt in gear to go camping on Lake Michigan, like I was going to do last month...

Finally, I just want to give another shout-out to my friend's Kickstarter for her movie!  If you like indie fantasy films, check it out - it's almost funded, and she would love your help.  The screenshots all look amazing (check some of them out in the Updates section of the Kickstarter, or on her Facebook Page for the film).

:)  ~Kelly

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