More thoughts on blog updates

Meh, that's enough blog updates for today, unless I get really inspired later tonight.  What do you think so far?

I added a picture to the sidebar.  I think it's an awesome picture of me in my fencing gear.  Then again, you can't see my face, and maybe it's weird for people showing up to look for crafty things to see a picture of me holding a fencing blade.  Any thoughts?

I changed the sidebar description a little, added a link to my Pinterest boards, and updated the labels gadget to the "cloud" tags form, which I think is *much* prettier and more functional (not this stupidly long list on the side with numbers next to them).  I can't express how much I love this tagging form.  The frequency I use the tag shows up in the size of the word, which is both visually appealing and able to give information quickly (I can see what kinds of things I post about without having to do lots of searching!).  And, it's so compact - I can add as many tags as I want, and don't have to worry about that loooong list of tags cluttering up the sidebar more and more.  I could go on.  :)  Here's where I got the code.  Thank you!!

I've also been working to add tags to all my posts the last few days, so that things are easier to find!

Changes that still need to be made:
- actually add stuff to the "about me" tab (currently called Craftling Lore).  Pictures of my cats, some tidbits on projects I like to do and my skills, maybe...
- research blog headers, and make a nice header that shows off some of my crafts and what this blog is about
- make the darn top of the sidebar and top of the posts bar LINE UP.  I hate that the date doesn't have a background, so it looks like the posts start a centimeter below the sidebar.  Grr so ugly.  I probably need to switch templates in order to do this, which *might* mean that I lose all the changes I've made today.  That's annoying, but something I can fix more quickly now (especially as I know how to backup my template data).
- see if I can figure out how to fiddle with the spacing between gadgets on the sidebar.  I don't like the large gap between some of them, but couldn't find <br> in a glance through the template html, so it must be more complicated than that.
- add a "blogs I follow" list to the sidebar.  I follow a lot of blogs, and some of them really give me great ideas and a lot of joy in reading, and I think I should share that with others!

Those are all my thoughts for now.  I have a bunch of my favorite blogs who also use blogspot open in tabs, to look at for inspiration on further changes.  If you have any ideas, please leave a comment letting me know!  Thanks!  ~Kelly