Links Day!

I really enjoy it when some of the blogs I follow do "here's what's cool on the internet" links days.  If I enjoy reading them on others' blogs, then surely some will enjoy reading them here!  I did a links day last week, and I'm going to continue them periodically.  I come across so many cool ideas, artists, products, videos, messages and more all the time.  Here are the things that my crafty, nerdy, feminist, liberal self found awesome this week on the internet.

This amazingly detailed post of how a gorgeous dragon-wrapped pot was made!

A sleeping bat knitting pattern!

A how-to on making a beautiful simple leaf crown.

A great video about the messages pointed at boys about gender issues:

Glamazons vs The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini!  It's a Kickstarter for "a campy card game take down of the visual depiction of female warriors throughout nerdy pop culture."  It looks pretty entertaining.

If you like the Game of Thrones TV adaptation (or even if you hate it, but are familiar with the TV show), you'll find this Bad Lip Reading hilarious.  I've seen it several times now and it's still making me giggle.

And last, but most importantly: A friend of mine is making a short indie fantasy film!  She's a really talented artist and made most of the costumes herself.  Her Kickstarter needs a little more help, so you should check it out!  More information, including a lot of stills from the film, are showing up on her Facebook group about the movie.

:)  ~Kelly

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