Cat photos!!!

So, I've been sick for 5 days now, with a decently nasty cold.  Most of the really bad ickiness has worn off, but I'm still stuffy and coughing and really, really tired.  All of this is to say, I've been lying around the house a lot, watching TV (almost done with the first season of Star Trek: TOS!), reading (currently re-reading a lot of Tamora Pierce books), and dinking around the internet in between forcing myself to keep myself fed and hydrated and in one piece.  When I lay down a lot, Gnome likes to sit on me and sleep.  It's adorable.  I happened to have my phone near me a couple times, so I took some pictures.  The internet clearly needs more cat pictures.  :)

First, a picture of Kobold, so he's not left out.  He likes to curl up on the sheepskin on his Papa's rocking chair.
Aw, look at that sleeping kitty.  This is Gnome, my girl.
Stretched out in the valley betwixt my lower appendages.
She turned over in her sleep and stretched out the other way.  Also, she's huge when she stretches out - she's stretching from my hips all the way to my feet. 
And she turned over again a while later.
Who can resits this little face???  My baby girl.  :)