I promise I've been working on cool things!  My Star Trek Starfleet uniform dress was finished on Monday, and that's most of what I've been working on the last couple weeks.  It is the hardest thing I've ever made, and I will get some pictures this Friday when I go see the movie and then put up info on how I made it!

Other random projects: 

Started making an inkle weave based on the Purple Fret - I've had a lot of fun looking to Middle Kingdom awards for inspiration.  I've already made one based on the Cavendish Knot and one that's Midrealm-based.  I promise I will soon take photos of the weaving I've done and post them!  Need to start taking pictures before I give too many more of them away.

Also started work on the leather book I'm making as a memory book of DeForest and me again.  Haven't worked on that in a few months.  The cover is almost finished.  One of the biggest problems I'm having at the moment is that I didn't use the same treatment on the cover as I did on the pieces I cut out for the inside flaps, and the dye didn't take the same way.  Galen told me that could happen, and it did (now I know for future projects to cut out *all* the pieces and soak them the same way, even if all of them aren't being tooled).  I'm trying to figure out if I want to try and soak another piece of leather for a month, or if I just want to use the pieces that don't quite match.  I'd have to cut it out of a different hide, so it might have a different color anyway, even if I go through all the work, and that's a fair bit of leather I could use for something else.  But this is also a very beautiful project, and I want it to look good.  Maybe I just need to dye it a completely different color - green or something - so that it won't matter if it matches, because I don't think I'll be able to get it to match now.  Hmm, thoughts.

Grief is hard.  In general I know it keeps getting better - I keep reminding myself that these days are so much better than the days were a few months ago, and that continues to be true.  But days when it doesn't hurt much are still few and far between, and while the ache isn't a stabbing pain anymore (usually), it's often still there and still hurts and everything is still harder.  On the other hand, I now have been living at home for four weeks, and I've only spent one night away in that time, so more evidence of progress.  Still hate waking up at 4-5 am for my mid-sleep bathroom break and having him not be here, and then waking up later and knowing that he's not out sitting in the living room or on the front stoop, reading a book or working on our D&D game.  The rollercoaster is hard, too.  How I think I'm doing fine, but then ten minutes later I'm crying because some random thought of him popped into my head and it was too much and I couldn't stop it.  That's not to say that every time I think of him I cry - I don't.  I can think of him and smile or laugh, too, or just note it and keep going with my day.  Just... 

I'm rambling, and I need to pack up and go to lab so I can get my experiment set up before our lab meeting. The Star Trek dress is fabulous and I'm excited to see the movie (and go to my first movie in theaters since seeing The Avengers with Arnolde last summer... I knew a couple months ago that I was excited about this movie to go, and I set myself the goal that this was worth facing that, so I'm also slightly nervous/aching but mostly excited).  I'm doing fabulous inkle weaves, and I'm looking forward to checking out the looms for sale at Pennsic to see if they have ones that are worth the price of buying or if I should just suck it up and make one myself (woodworking isn't my favorite thing).

Gah, I'm still rambling and still need to leave.  Ttfn!  ~Kelly