Jeans Parts Giveaway!

Hi, everyone!  I am participating in Giveaway Day with two giveaways this week!  After checking out my giveaways, go to Sew Mama Sew to see the many other giveaways.

This giveaway is for the parts of jeans.  It includes 14 front pockets, a bunch of belt loops, 8 metal zippers, 4 back pockets, and one unfinished jean "skirt" which will give another set of pockets, belt loops, a zipper, and some material.  This material is left over from me making rag rugs and gifts out of jeans.  I can think of some fun things to do with these parts, but simply have too many other projects that are more pressing.  I hope someone will find them useful!  Here are pictures of the parts:

Front of the unfinished "skirt" - intact pockets, metal zipper, belt loops, and a good amount of denim.

Back of the unfinished "skirt"

4 back pockets, 2 pocket flaps, and 2 pieces with belt loops attached.

4 zippers, 6 front pockets, belt loops, etc

4 zippers (one really long!), 8 front pockets, belt loops, etc
Who can enter? Anyone in the United States or Canada.  International shipping is too expensive for me right now - maybe another year!

How can I enter?  Leave one comment before Friday, May 25th at 5 pm PST (8 pm EST)!  I'd love to know what kinds of things you like to make with parts of jeans, though if you'd rather just leave a random comment, that would be fine, too.  I will pick a random comment to be a winner with a random number generator.

You said two giveaways.  What else have you got?  I am also giving away a plushie Creeper that I made by hand.  It is a mob from the game Minecraft, which I play obsessively some weeks.

Creeper Plushie Giveaway!