Giveaway Winners!

I used a random sequence generator to determine the winners of the giveaways, with the first number in the sequence being the winner (counting the first commenter as #1).

There were nine people who entered the creeper plushie giveaway!

And the winner is Richard Healey, whose son loves Minecraft and will be turning 8 soon.  I love hearing about children playing Minecraft - it's such a wonderfully creative game, and I think it is great.  Not only does it expand their creativity, but I imagine it teaches them self motivation and things like that, as there isn't anyone out there telling them what to do - it's all internal, and the simple joy of completing something that you decided you wanted to do.  I'm so glad a kid is getting it!

There were seven entries for the jeans parts!  I'm so glad some people saw the potential in these pieces like I did.  I try to minimize what I throw away as much as possible, and these pieces are still great useable pieces.  I just have so many other projects going on right now that I wanted to clear space out for other things that were more pressing at the moment.  Thanks for letting me do that and knowing that the pieces were going to a good home!

And the winner is Mike and Jackie!  Have fun being creative with the jeans parts!

Thanks everyone for participating in my giveaways!  It was fun!  ~Kelly

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