Old Art of Mine

So as I was organizing my photos tonight, I found a folder with pictures of a lot of my own artwork!  It was really awesome to see - some of these I did not even remember until I saw the photos.  So here's a trip down memory lane with some old artwork of mine from before college.  This post is really picture-heavy.

For many years, I was pretty horse-crazy.  Well, I still love horses, even if I don't get much contact with them anymore.  Throughout elementary and middle school I drew a lot of pictures of horses, and Mom kept most of them pinned to the fridge (and even got a few framed).  These are done either with a normal pencil (I'm assuming #2) or with charcoals (the darker images). 

Below are images I made for my parents - a Father's Day card and a card for Mom's birthday.

Love you, Papa!  I like this card a lot.
Aw, Mama's baby.  Just like me, haha.  This is Rocky, our Shih Tzu.  *hugs for Mom*
Speaking of Rocky, here's a statue I made in 8th grade.  Mom still has this at the cabin, right next to the birthday card above.
Yay, Rocky!  I still remember that twerp Jeremy coming over in art class and touching it, breaking pieces off even after I told people not to touch it.  Grr.  It was pretty delicate - you can see where some of the hairs have fallen off.  I think this is about 8-12 inches tall.
The next one is done with fine-tip markers - the only pointillism artwork I've ever done, I believe.  I think it turned out quite nicely for a little card.  It's a piece of paper tucked into a square of construction paper for the border.  Uncle Mike loves fishing.  :)

A little drawing of books.  It's framed next to a poem I wrote about books in 8th grade.  I think it's silly now, but Mom loves it and asked me to illustrate it.  She claims she still likes it. ^_^
Now, on to some of my paintings!  I swear I have images of more of them, but I can't seem to find them.  These are all done with acrylics on canvas.
One of my very first paintings!  (Well, that I actually tried on when I wasn't a small child.)  This was in 8th grade, I believe.  Just a bunch o' seals on some rocks.
This was done during my first painting class (9th grade).  Better than the seal painting! I wonder what Bill's up to nowadays.  He was an awesome art teacher - asked us to call him by his first name, had interesting ideas, pushed us... I liked him a lot.
This was actually on my bedroom wall in high school!  Mom decided that I could paint my bedroom if I wanted to.  I worked on this for a few months and then never finished it.  It was fun, though.  :)
This was the item I had completely forgotten about until I saw the photo.  I really like it, though - a painting of The Virgin Suicides' CD image that my brother asked for.  It's quite pretty.  Hope you're doing well, brother of mine!  Love you!
This is one of my favorite paintings - such a cute little kitten!  The main thing I don't like is that I didn't properly fuzzify (my blog - I can make up words if I want to :P) the edge on the top right-half edge of the kitten.  The head and butt look nicely fuzzy, but the top doesn't.  Meh.  It's still cute.
By the way... I might be getting a kitten in about 6 weeks!  Someone I know just had a litter of kittens, and I have my name on one of them.  I'm so excited.  Have to start collecting kitten things... any tips, kitten-having friends of mine?

*hugs the internet*  Ttfn, ~Kelly