Good Food - Amazingly Delicious, Easy, and Quick!

Two amazing recipes I have to share!

First, I found this one this morning, and have now eaten it for both lunch and dinner.  It's a magnificent way to use up that bag of spinach that's about to go bad (or fresh or frozen spinach) in a delicious spinach sandwich.  It was a lot better than I was expecting, too.  I used mayo on the sandwich as I don't have vegenaise, and I omitted the onion powder as I don't have that.  My favorite thing?  It's quick.  It seriously takes maybe 10 minutes to make this delicious sandwich, which is also healthy.

Spinach Sandwich Recipe by The Dainty Squid

Second is a recipe for beans!  It's also pretty quick - takes under a half hour to make a great dinner piece (and I usually have leftovers!).  It's called Quick and Easy Black Beans, and I've made it with black beans, great white northern beans (which are like navy beans, I believe), and pinto beans now, since I ran out of black beans and loved the recipe so much I just kept using it.  I don't have coriander, so I just add a little more cumin and oregano to make up for it.  I've also doubled the spices and added pre-cooked rice to it at the end, which I then rolled up in a lightly toasted soft tortilla for a delicious burrito.  And, being me, I add more onions and garlic than the recipe calls for.

Quick and Easy Black Beans by Our Best Bites

...and I just used the word "delicious" way more than I should have.  Oh, well - my blog, my rules!  BwahahaHAHAHA!  *cough*  Righto, I'm calm now.