Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Food - Amazingly Delicious, Easy, and Quick!

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Two amazing recipes I have to share!

First, I found this one this morning, and have now eaten it for both lunch and dinner.  It's a magnificent way to use up that bag of spinach that's about to go bad (or fresh or frozen spinach) in a delicious spinach sandwich.  It was a lot better than I was expecting, too.  I used mayo on the sandwich as I don't have vegenaise, and I omitted the onion powder as I don't have that.  My favorite thing?  It's quick.  It seriously takes maybe 10 minutes to make this delicious sandwich, which is also healthy.

Second is a recipe for beans!  It's also pretty quick - takes under a half hour to make a great dinner piece (and I usually have leftovers!).  It's called Quick and Easy Black Beans, and I've made it with black beans, great white northern beans (which are like navy beans, I believe), and pinto beans now, since I ran out of black beans and loved the recipe so much I just kept using it.  I don't have coriander, so I just add a little more cumin and oregano to make up for it.  I've also doubled the spices and added pre-cooked rice to it at the end, which I then rolled up in a lightly toasted soft tortilla for a delicious burrito.  And, being me, I add more onions and garlic than the recipe calls for.

...and I just used the word "delicious" way more than I should have.  Oh, well - my blog, my rules!  BwahahaHAHAHA!  *cough*  Righto, I'm calm now.

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